Please include the event overview with all the T-1 luminaries you distribute.  It gives people the instructions on how to successfully participate in the event and also shows the celebrity and worldwide support.  The overview is included in the T1 Luminary Kit download.

Download Your T-1 Luminary Kit


WHAT:  ANNUAL T-1 LUMINARY ENLIGHTENMENT event to raise awareness for Type-1/juvenile diabetes. Join the world by lighting T-1 luminary bags and reading a factsheet on Type-1 diabetes.  Help light the way to a cure by lighting one of the tens of thousands of T-1 luminaries distributed!


WHEN: On the morning of November 5th display the T-1 luminaries then light at dark. (If it is raining just display the luminaries on the next best day.  November is diabetes awareness month so we have all month to raise awareness for type-1 diabetes)

Don’t forget to take a picture and email to cz11@hotmail.com for our next video.  Check out the T-1 Highlight Video over in our sidebar (YouTube http://youtu.be/3E9l4UDPkSI)

WHERE:  Display T-1 luminaries/T-1 balloons in front of your home, office or other public space visible from the road. Sign the petition to have displayed at the White House

WHY:  At the age of three, Harrison was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes. A few years later Harrison realized people don’t really know about the unique characteristics of Type-1.  Harrison’s goal is to enlighten the nation to the realities of living with Type-1 by launching the T-1 Luminary Enlightenment.