Event Kit

It is really easy for you to participate in the T-1 Enlightenment event!
Download Your T-1 Luminary Kit

Step 1: Download the Event Kit which contains:

  1. Overview – this explains the T-1 Enlightenment event.
  2. Type 1 Diabetes Fact Sheet – Useful for explaining the misconceptions Type 1 Diabetes, articulating the need for a cure and how to support people with this disease.
  3. T-1 Luminary Template – instructions for using the template can be found here.

Step 2: Make and display luminaries on Nov. 5th

  • Making your own T-1 luminary bags is as easy as printing the T-1 template on your home color printer and then stapling, pasting or taping to any white luminary bag.
  • Display your T-1 luminaries on the morning of November 5th and then light at dark.  If it is raining no worries just display and light luminaries on the next best day in the month of November.
  • Battery operated lights are recommended.  Please never use candles and leave T-1 luminaries unattended.
  • People have been creative with enlightening the nation by carving T-1 on pumpkins, using milk cartons or ordinary lunch bags.
  • November is diabetes awareness month so we have all month to raise awareness and light T-1 luminaries.

Step 3: Share the Overview and Factsheet

This is an exciting event because, for one day, the entire Nation will be “enlightened” about just Type 1 diabetes. Share the overview and factsheet with as many people as you can.  The event has no limit because anyone can make and light T-1 luminaries and generate awareness for Type 1 diabetes.

Remember there is no other event where you can reach so many people who would not normally have any interest to ask about Type 1. People who are not aware of the event will see the T-1 luminaries and be curious what is this all about?  If people don’t know there is a Type 1 that needs a cure then how can we expect to get one?