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Harrison was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just 3 years old.

The First T-1 Luminary Event

The First T-1 Luminary Event

At the age of six Harrison realized people don’t really know about the unique characteristics of Type 1 diabetes.  Harrison has made it his goal to enlighten the Nation to the realities of living with Type 1 with the T-1 Luminary Enlightenment event.  This is an exciting event for everyone touched by Type 1 because, for one day, the entire nation and world will be “enlightened” about just Type 1 diabetes.

There is no other event where you can reach so many people who would not normally have any interest to ask about Type 1.  People who are not aware of the event will be curious why your town is lit up with “T-1” luminaries.  The accompanying Type 1 factsheet gives everyone an opportunity to explain the misconceptions, articulate the need for a cure and how to support people with Type 1 Diabetes.  If people don’t know that there is a Type 1 that needs a cure then how can we expect to get one?

The event has no limit because anyone can make and light T-1 luminaries.  While many of us will do anything for our kids, the simple act of lighting a T-1 luminary each year has a tremendous impact and provides so much hope to Type 1 families.

We are reminded daily that every moment is a blessing with our children and we are so grateful to have the support of wonderful friends and family.  Type 1 can sometimes be merciless and make you feel very alone, but each year, for one night in November, our love ones and children see the Nation lighting the way to a cure for them.  As a parent we can’t think of a more beautiful message of hope to send to our children.