Getting Involved Is Easy and Important

Thank you again for your support and participation in the Type 1 Diabetes Luminary Enlightenment!  We want everyone to participate and strongly encourage everyone to make this event their own.  There are many ways to raise awareness.  The one constant is that we all come together on one day to show our commitment and unity as a community in finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.  Below are some ideas to raise awareness for a cure on November 5th and throughout the year:

1.    T-1 Luminary Enlightenment- In the morning, place the T-1 luminary bag outside your front door, visible from the street, and light the candle as soon as it gets dark.  Hang the Type 1 Diabetes Fact Sheet on your front door for people to read and become “enlightened.”  Please feel free to customize the factsheet with your own personal story about type 1 diabetes.  You can also make your own luminaries by carving out pumpkins or using milk cartons etc.  Large quantities of luminary bags can be ordered directly from the manufacturer by calling LumaBase at 610-524-4166.  On the morning and night of the Luminary Lighting event, take pictures with your luminaries in front of your home/street and send to P.O. Box 2813 Westport, CT 06880 or submit them through our Flicker group pool.

2.    Call your local media and encourage them to do a story on type 1 diabetes and all the houses participating in the T-1 Luminary lighting event in your community.

3.    Ask local office buildings to light blue and yellow lights in their windows on November 5th.  Much like the Empire State Building.

4.    Tie yellow and blue balloons on your mailbox or front door on November 5th.

5.    Light T-1 luminaries in your town green or town center on November 5th.

6.    Wear T-1 pins on your jacket lapel, purse or backpack.  You can make the pins much like campaign pins or have them made by When people see you wearing the pin they will ask what is T-1– giving you the opportunity to “enlighten” them about the unique characteristics of type one diabetes.

7.    Contact your local JDRF Chapter and participate in the “promise to remember me” campaign raising awareness for type one diabetes with United States Senators and Congressmen.

8.     November 5th is purposefully around election day to remind everyone to vote for individuals concerned about supporting and finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

9.    Send the T-1 Luminary Enlightenment pack to local officials and celebrities to raise awareness.  Ask them to read the factsheet and take a picture holding the T-1 luminary bag.

10.    Ask your local stores, restaurants, universities, little league etc. to participate in displaying the T-1 luminaries.

Always remember, there are many different ways that you can get involved with T-1 Enlightenment.

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