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Be Active With Your Comments

This site has been specifically constructed to allow you to participate and share your input with comments throughout the site.  We want to hear from you so be sure to share you thoughts, feedback and dreams.

Share Your Photos from November 5th

Be sure and take some photos from your luminary display and submit them to the T-1 Enlightenment account at Picasa (we will be setting this up soon).  From time to time will select from your submission and post them on our site’s gallery.

Send Us Your Stories

Through our experience dealing with this Type 1 diabetes, we benefited greatly from the people who have been kind enough to share their experiences with us.  We invite you to submit your stories of what it meant to you to participate in T-1 Enlightenment.  Or feel free to send us stories about how you have had to deal with Type 1 diabetes in your life.  We will then be able to share your stories with everyone in our community.  Feel free to send a note along through our contact form so we can follow up with you.

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